Monday, April 26, 2010

If i put an ice cube on my pimple to reduce the redness, can the ice cube carry germs onto the infected area?

if the water isn%26#039;t clean or if you rubbed the ice cube all over something dirty...

it should be fine|||DO NOT PUT ALCOHOL on your face or the ice cube as someone said, because this will try out your skin and cause a bigger pimple! The ice cube can carry germs if your freezer is dirty, you dropped it on the floor, you dig your water out of a well in the backyard, etc. I%26#039;m sure you%26#039;ll be fine. I hope your pimple goes away soon!|||Not usually, If you make the ice yourself. Generally water is pure.|||No it will not. Use the ice to reduce the redness and then use calamine lotion to dry it out.|||i put some rubbing alcohol it cleans it up, and reduces the size significantly, in terms of redness it goes down as long as you dont toch the pimple!

i hope it goes away fast..pimples suck :(|||put in in a ziploc bag or a sandwich bag and then put it on your pimple.1|||No. Most germs can%26#039;t live on a frozen surface.|||No, as long as the ice-cube was fresh out of the freezer and not sitting around with garbage and other junk.|||cover the ice cube with a tissue paper before placing it on ur pimple. by htis method u can protect ur exposing area to the ice cube directly and from infection.

hope this helps.|||Germs generally cannot live on something frozen. Ice away!

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