Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I popped a pimple on my forehead, and it turned into this big red mountain...what do I do?

I massacred this pimple on my forehead this morning, and got everything out, but now it looks like a dark red hill/mound....

What do I do?|||put some toothpaste on it|||Fill your bathroom sink with the hottest water you can, then dip the tip of a washcloth in it and put it on your pimple. Take it off every minute for ten minutes and re-wet it, fill the sink again if the water gets colder. This should really bring down the swelling and redness. Then, try putting some toothpaste on it for a few minutes if the redness hasn%26#039;t gone away as much.|||Take vitamin c (1000 mg. at a time as often as needed up to about 10000 mg. a day) for inflammation (works right away) and drink about 5 tall glasses distilled water and if you can get some omega 3-6-9 oil ,that will do it!Don%26#039;t eat anything with hydrogenated oil and dont touch it cause it will produce more oil .|||Get a good cleanser and wash your face with it. The mountain should go away in a few days lol. Never pop pimples because they can cause scarring and infections.|||Put some benzoyl peroxide on it. Just a dab it will be red but it will dry it out.|||leave it alone! put face stuff on it every nite and DONT TOUCH IT!|||whatever u do don%26#039;t i mean DO NOT touch it...the more u touch it the worse it will get...|||2nite b4 u go 2 bed... put a dab of honey on it and cover w/ a bandaid

good luckerzz=]

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