Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A big pimple on my stomach with black blood?

ok so i have a big pimple on the side of my stomach and i have had it for about 5-6days now and i managed to pop it but all that comes out is blood. no white stuff or anything just black blood. it is gross. the thing is very sensitive and when i touch it, it stings. its very red and on the top it has like what seems to be bruising. idk what it is can you help me and tell me what to do????|||Clean it with alcohol and let it alone so it cures. The important part is that you popped it and got what was inside out.|||Right now, leave it alone and see what happens. When you bleed like this and it causes pain too it means to leave it alone. Tomorrow a.m. call your GP and tell them about it. Then keep your time to see the doctor and find out the right diagnosis. No one can really tell you what it is over the internet. Good luck and God Bless

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